Marble and Granite Countertop Care Services

Are your granite or marble countertops losing their gleaming shine? Have they suffered from cracks and chips from years of wear and tear? Do they look dull and unpolished? Over the years with everyday use, granite and marble countertops can eventually wear down and the surfaces will begin to build up with oils, soaps and calcium deposits; causing that dull unpolished look.

When you clean with everyday household cleaners, as time passes the detergents in the chemicals will fill the pores of the granite or marble, causing it to no longer luster like they use to. Granite and marble countertop resurfacing, polishing, refinishing, sealing, and cleaning is better left in the hands of a certified and trained Marble and Granite Countertop Care Service provider.

Our R | F Stone Care Marble and Granite Countertop Care Services for local Orange County residents will produce first-rate results and a quality experience. Our certified technicians have the knowledge and the proper equipment to asses, clean, and service all your granite or marble countertops needs. We do not believe in cutting any corners and refuse to take short cuts. This is evident when our countertop refinishing service technicians are done and your granite or marble countertops radiate more than the day they were installed.

Our Marble and Granite Countertop Care Services

  1. Every granite or marble countertop cleaning, refinishing, or polishing job is started with a detailed pre-inspection of your granite or marble countertops.
  2. Our technician then removes all debris, soil and dirt on the surface prior to the refinishing process.
  3. We then make sure to protect anything that needs protecting, masking those areas with tape and plastic.
  4. Once everything is sealed and protected, we use an in house deposit remover which helps remove hard water deposits, grease, soap, and film deposits.
  5. After that step is complete, we apply a specialized polishing agent that adds luster, shine and definition to your granite or marble countertop.
  6. A Variable speed polisher is then used to blast away all soil, dirt, grime and excess residue from the countertops.
  7. Based on customer demand, we also offer a solvent based sealer that helps fight against oils, grease, and water.
  8. We finalize the cleaning process with a neutral cleaner to remove any haze or streaking that was left behind.
  9. As the job is completed and all plastic and tape is removed, we will then do a final walk through with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Why Choose R | F Stone Care

R | F Stone Care is your one stop shop for everything clean for your home or business. Our professional and detailed oriented Marble and Granite Countertop Care Services restore the luminosity of your countertops; making them like new again. From safely removing mineral and soap deposits, to refinishing your entire countertop surface, our knowledgeable technicians are equipped to tackle any job.

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