Natural Stone Care Orange County

Natural Stone Care is back breaking work. It can become messy at times, uncomfortable and very tedious. Natural stone is a material that absorbs dirt, grime, and spills just like carpet, often dis-coloring the surface. You can mop and spot clean daily, but those routine cleanings will not grab all that hard to see dirt that lies deep in the pores of your natural stone and grout lines.

Our professional and detail oriented natural stone care service revives the radiance of your natural stone, removing dull spots and making your natural stone look like new again. At R | F Stone Care, our professional natural stone care Orange County services achieve far more superior results then any mop or hand cleaning could or will ever do.

Whether it is cleaning, polishing, resurfacing, sealing, refinishing or a full blown restoration of your stone such as: marble, granite, limestone, slate, terrazzo , onyx , cantera, fossil, quartzite, ceramic or flagstone, our certified natural stone care Orange County technicians have the knowledge and the proper equipment to asses and clean, resurface, polish, refinish, seal, or restore your natural stone. We do not believe in cutting any corners and refuse to take shortcuts. This is evident when our natural stone care technicians are done and your stone radiates more than the day it was installed.

Our Natural Stone Care Process…

1. Every natural stone care service job is started with a detailed inspection of the stone that is in need of cleaning, polishing, resurfacing, sealing, refinishing, or complete restoration. Our knowledgeable natural stone care cleaners will then point out any problem area and give a complete thorough assessment of the job.

2. We will then do a test to determine the density of the stone and if there is existing sealant that may cause any problems. Once the test is complete, we will do a sample area clean to show a before and after of the job. This way you can see first-hand, the quality of the work we do.

3. After the sample area has been completed, measurements will be taken and a price will be determined. Most Natural Stone Care Orange County service providers charge based on rooms and not sq. footage. We only charge for what we clean. “Why charge for something we don’t touch?”

4. Once the inspection and area has been completed, the natural stone care service begins.

The first step is prep-work. A great deal of time and effort goes into properly covering all valuables with plastic and paper. This is to insure that dust and debris from the cleaning process stays in the area it’s supposed to.

5. The next step is the actual natural stone care process. No two stone restoration jobs are ever the same and as result, a variety of different tools are brought to each job.

Every job is different and knowing which tools to use is extremely important. Whether the job is a general stone cleaning service, polishing, refinishing, sealing, resurfacing, or a through natural stone restoration, we carry all the necessary tools to complete any and all jobs for all local Orange County residents.

We use a low pressure truck mounted rotary steam unit which can either be turned on or off, depending on the type of stone, to reach deep down into the stone and grout and loosen stubborn dirt that won’t come out with day to day cleaning.

6. As the job is completed and all plastic and paper is removed, we will then do a walk through with you to ensure you are completely satisfied.

Why Choose R | F Stone Care

R | F Stone Care, Orange County’s premier Natural Stone Care Services, provide residential and commercial properties with an incredible experience that will leave your tile floors feeling shiner and cleaner then ever before.

Whether it is cleaning, polishing, resurfacing, sealing, or refinishing of your natural stone, R | F Stone Care is fully equipped to service all your natural stone care needs.

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