Tips To Make Your Countertops Shine Again

Tired of your granite countertop looking dull? Fed up with the hard water stains around the sink and faucet? Have you tried cleaning it with the strongest over the counter cleaner and received poor results?

Granite countertops add an amazing feeling to any home, but like anything else they need regular maintenance. The kitchen is one of the most utilized areas of any home and maintaining a clean and sanitary eating surface is very important.

Granite countertops are expensive and being able to properly care for your investment is a must.Although granite is a very hard stone that does not scratch with a knife, hard water stains can wreak havoc on your countertop. Over the year’s detergents, contaminants, and water can and will dull stone. This causes light to be deflected instead of reflected

Most local water supplies are filled with salts, sodium’s and other minerals. These white mineral deposits around your sink and faucet are known as efflorescence. As you know, this buildup is not easily removed and gets worse over time. Another enemy of granite is food grease.

These fats attract soil into the grout lines and the stone itself. Most times over the counter cleaning agents do more harm than good. The agents used to clean leave behind residue that ends up attracting more grease and dirt then prior to the cleaning.

The good news is that all these buildups can be removed leaving behind clean granite. But why polish the countertop? Polishing aides in the removal of hard water and mineral deposits. It also protects and revitalize’s the stone while increasing the reflectivity and the natural color of the granite.

This is very important in minimizing the appearance of fingerprints and maintaining a sanitary eating surface. Polishing also brings out colors that were never seen before. In fact many times a professional granite polishing will make the countertop shine more than the day it was first installed.

Equally as important as a good clean and polish is a granite specific sealant. Only certain sealants are able to properly penetrate the surface of the granite. A proper granite sealant will leave nothing behind.

It is designed to completely absorb into the granite. The correct sealant is the most effective way at repealing oil based and water stains. They are also created with the ability to wear off over time, allowing for a proper cleaning and reapplication.

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